About the Region

Central Asia is located at the heart of the old Silk Road. In particular, cities like Bukhara and Samarkand, were among the world’s wealthiest cities and a global centre of the arts and sciences.

Several centuries later, Central Asia is once again taking centre stage through ambitious economic reforms in order to take advantage of its location at the cross roads between China, Europe, India and Russia. In particular, large investments from the Chinese Belt and Road initiative, the liberalisation of the economies and attractive valuations offer a unique investment opportunity.

Favourable demographics, strong domestic growth and rising exports and driving solid growth across the region. This growth comes with a lower risk than developed markets, with low debt/GDP ratios, low correlation to mainstream markets and high foreign currency reserves. Alongside this, improving governance and rule of law, infrastructure upgrades and capital market developments are all positive structural changes.

It is Arjan’s strategic objective to facilitate global firms’ entry into and trade with the Middle East and Central Asia

Arjan Capital’s Managing Director Andreas Schweitzer has been personally invested in the region since 2009, and formed Arjan Capital in 2013 to provide advice and assistance to foreign companies looking to do business there. Today Arjan Capital is a Central Asia and Middle East-focused M&A, Trade and Corporate Finance advisory boutique authorised and regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Our offices are in London, and we spend 10 days a month travelling to the region, working with our range of local partners, including legal, financial and industrial specialists.

It has never been a more propitious time to take advantage of the unique opportunities that Central Asia offers, and it is Arjan Capital’s sole purpose to facilitate trade and investment in the region, developing bespoke solutions for each of our clients based on our extensive toolbox of understanding and experience.