About Iran

Since Iran’s 1979 revolution, foreign investment in the country has been negligible. This began to change after the 2012 presidential elections, which gave the government a strong mandate for reform.

On 16th Jan 2016 the JCPOA was implemented, lifting significant economic sanctions. In tandem with the ambitious diplomatic results, the government has embarked on a path to liberalise the domestic economy. In May 2017, the incumbent administration secured another 4 year term ensuring the future of its ongoing reforms.

Sitting at the crossroads between East and West with an 80 million population, a diversified economy, and a strong demand for international brands among the young and well educated population, Iran represents the last truly major emerging global economy.

The gap between perceptions and reality in Iran remain prevalent, and present an opportunity for international companies to gain early mover advantage.

It is Arjan’s strategic objective to facilitate global firms’ entry into and trade with the Middle East and Central Asia

investment in Iran

To conduct business in Iran, however, requires a nuanced understanding of the way information and market intelligence flows amongst industry players. This flow is often informal and based on ties, largely unwritten, amongst market participants active in the country’s three economic sectors—the public, the private and the quasi-private (this last one is fairly unique to Iran).

Arjan Capital’s Managing Director Andreas Schweitzer has been personally invested in Iran since 2009, and formed Arjan Capital in 2013 to provide advice and assistance to foreign companies looking to do business in Iran. Today Arjan Capital is probably the only Iran-focused M&A, Trade and Corporate Finance advisory boutique authorised and regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Our offices are in London, and we spend 10 days a month in Tehran, working with our range of local partners, including legal, financial and industrial specialists.

It has never been a more propitious time to take advantage of the unique opportunities that Iran offers, and it is Arjan Capital’s sole purpose to facilitate trade and investment in Iran, developing bespoke solutions for each of our clients based on our extensive toolbox of understanding and experience in Iran.