About Arjan

iran1Iran is a vast country, greater than 1.6 million square kilometers in area, spanning five regions (Central Asia, the Caucasus, the Middle East, the Persian Gulf and South Asia), with a predominantly young, educated, consumerist and “wired” population of 81 million.

As the sanctions imposed on Iran begin to be lifted, global firms possessing capital, expertise and technology, will be gearing up to enter the large, untapped and potentially lucrative Iranian market, which has been closed for decades.

To conduct business in Iran, however, requires a nuanced understanding of the way information and market intelligence flows amongst industry players. This flow is often informal and based on ties, often un-written, amongst market participants active in the country’s three economic sectors—the public, the private and the quasi-private (this last one is fairly unique to Iran).

iran2To the un-initiated, this unique business configuration will be difficult to understand, penetrate and navigate. And this is where Arjan Capital comes in—armed with an understanding and appreciation of Iran’s unique business environment, Arjan facilitates the entry of global firms into Iran.

Arjan Capital is an investment and advisory firm, providing a unique mixture of investment banking, industrial and legal solutions to global investors contemplating entering the multi-sector market of Iran.

Arjan believes that the momentum to enter Iran will continue to accelerate, as time progresses and the “first mover advantage” principle will play a role prominently. Arjan seeks to leverage that import for itself and for its business partners.